Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, October 14, 2005

Show #17 - October 14

Episode 17 on MP3

Sex toys! Lots of sex toys!

JK has a new toy, the Silicone Slims (click through and scroll down to the bottom), and we discuss Blowfish lesbians
More about Boston Legal's new season
A book called Trekkers and what LT thought of it
Anyone belong to the William Shatner Fan Club?
Smarmy K/S! The cosmic bathtub at BoingBoing
We tell our Trek Origin Stories
We recommend "Ghost in the Machine", a Tom Paris story
The Case of the Underage Slasher
We close with a little ditty called "The Vulcan Walk" by Ric Seaberg

I have no relevant picture for this show, so here's one of my fave screencaps. Look at his eyes! Ah, Kirklight.


Miranda said...

Right now on AMC! The Devil's Rain: A truly awful movie with some major LAHB moments, complete with tiiiiight jeans :)

John said...

For reasons unknown, this one didn't pop up for me on iTunes.

Hope it's an isolated incident :D

JK and LT said...

Oops. That's what happens when Lene tries to post xml files when she's sick. It's fixed now.

John said...

Great, thanks!

I'm downloading it again because iTunes won't let you manually edit the podcast listings so my Episode 17 won't show up in the list for the normal L.A.H.B. feeds. Still, you can't have too much of a good thing can you?

Take care and keep up the great show. 17 was really Slash and sextoy heavy yet I still found it very entertaining - a credit to your great on-air banter. Hope Lene feels better soon.


Cie Cheesemeister said...

Somehow I just never could get into the idea of using sex toys that look like critters, though some of the functions sound interesting for the lonely, single broad. Call me silly, but it would feel a bit like silicone bestiality to have something shaped like a rabbit's ears or such "you know where!"
On the other hand, I did see the post of the Star Trek Sex Toy and that seemed like a pretty good idea to me! They think it's an innocent communicator--little do they know!
Keep up the fun work!