Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, October 21, 2005

Show #18 - October 21

Episode 18 on MP3

TOYS! Not sex toys, Star Trek toys! Click here for pictures of all of them

The Post-It holder/intercom, communicator/recorder, phaser keychain, Marlena/Kirk flip card, Gary Lockwood signed picture, temporary tattoos, party invitations, Kirk & Spock pic, metal Kirk cards - and the ShirtlessKirk(tm) doll by LT
LT goes on about Wil Wheaton again, and Wil tells part of his Shatner story
We discuss "A Piece of the Action" and talk about Star Trek dress-up

A butt shot and a cute face from "Piece of the Action"


MovieDude said...

Very cool pics of William Shatner! Of course the one where he is sweating shows you the intense fear he is under of having his pic on the net. lol!

If your bored out of your mind then you may need a good
movie download !

PS: This blog gets two BIG thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

I imagine somone's already sent you guys this link, but I thought you'd like it...

Peter said...


Too funny.

kelly said...

Ew! That pic of Spock in the weird outfit is going to give me nightmares!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you could get an interview with Wil W ? No doubt Shatner would have to call you then. You know, for a rebuttal.

Pavlina said...

Nice toys...also that picture of Kirk and Spock is just too weird, I don't have the words to describe it.