Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, October 07, 2005

Show #16 - October 7

Episode 16 on MP3

Sweet Sixteen!

Another plug for Bascon
Can someone find us a copy of The Tenth Level starring WS?
We review Charlie X
Peeps and the fabulous stories at Ventura's website
Episode commentary by LT ("Shore Leave") and JK ("Spock's Brain") and you can watch the video of the blowjob here (complete with JK narration)
Up for some rough K/S? Try Surrender, a classic!

Two butts for the price of one! From "Spock's Brain" and "Charlie X"


dust said...

Just found it...Thanks for gettin out there!

Chris said...

so many homoerotic moments in "charlie x"

M. Austin said...

This site has opened my eyes to the wonderous possibilities surrounding William Shatner's rump.

Thank you for the show. ^_^

Trisha said...

LOL, you know I never realized there was such a conspiracy to show off Will's rear... Wasn't he married? Sheesh.

- Trisha
Mayo Brains - Spreading Thought

cheesemeister said...

I checked out the link to the story. Most of those Kirk/Spock erotic fantasies are laughable but this one is actually pretty well written. I gave it, and your blog, a shout on my blog.
Keep up the fun work!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm learning something new here...blowjob on the bridge *G*

I also love the idea that Kirk was really having an affair with Rand, makes me wonder how much of the "Kirk would never have an affair with a subordinate because of his superb ethics" stories are just wishful thinking ;)

I'm glad I finally downloaded all your podblogs - something to feed my brain during boring office hours.

Greetings - Acidqueen

Anonymous said...

In this show I believe you mentioned a K/S story named "Taking Command." Where can I find a copy of that story? Thanks, keacooke at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My god...clearly starfleet officers are so busy they have to take any opportunity for "special" moments haha