Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, October 28, 2005

Show #19 - October 28

Episode 19 on MP3

You know how in some movies and TV shows, after all the credits and stuff, there's a little thing tagged on the end that's like a reward for you staying all the way through?

Lots of news gone through very quickly (Doohan, new Trek movie, Spielberg, the kidney stone)
William Shatner does Se7en, short film by Ben Stiller
Spanking! A horrible picture at the Shatner BBS and "30 Best TV Spankings"
Alan and Denny Go Ice Fishing on Boston Legal!
How William Shatner Changed the World
Shatner in This is Your Life and One Step Beyond
What Is Your Battle Cry?

Screencaps here because I'm too fuckin' lazy to make a separate page:

Look how cozy they are!

A loving look (right before they freak out)

Once again, the Patented Shatner Swallow


Anonymous said...

A little late catching up, but having a blast.

Re Spielberg: I agree completely with your analysis (that he is full of it/himself/whatever), but my experience has been that there is an 18 month lag between the time when a patent application is filed and the time when the application is available to the public record. So, in theory, he could actually have a patent pending that you can't yet find through the USPTO.

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, maybe when you get a chance, you can discuss one of my favorite Twilight Zone eps, which is not the one on the airplane, but the one where Shatner plays a newlywed becoming slave to a fortune-telling machine. Unless you've done it already, and I haven't caught up to it yet.