Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Else Is Obsessed with Shatner?

Fall On Your Sword, that's who. They're the electro-punk band who did the fantastic video "Shatner of the Mount."

Interviewed by NBC New York.
So what’s your fascination with William Shatner in general?

Will: I mean how can you not be?

Phil: How can you not be fascinated?

Will: [laughs] The man is a tortured genius. [...] I just happened to stumble on that footage of him, he’s talking for 45 minutes about a scene in a movie that’s first of all, completely [expletive] and secondly is only about 20 seconds long. It’s phenomenal -- the man is a maniac.


Fresca said...

Oh great.
Now I have to watch this a hundred MORE times.
Because I'm in love.

Margaret said...

O me.

I just . . . just . . . just . . .

him/that song/the mountain

esp. him.


Rinda DiLibda said...

I Love this song, it's just a masterpiece