Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Media Conquered!

The $5 Canadian William Shatner Coin!

From the Toque:
William Shatner was chosen to be represented on the coin because of his status as a hero to Canadians, and especially the science fiction community, which makes up approximately 80% of the Canadian population. [Really?]

Most Canadian coins are composed of standard base metals. However with Shatner on the face, they thought it more appropriate to go with a heavier metal, and ultimately chose a nickel-plated tritanium alloy. [Not gold?]

Shatner beamed with joy when told he had been selected to be on the face of the coin.

"I can't...tell happy I am," he said in halting English. "No bones about it. I hope these long...and my career."


murt said...

haha pretty funny! I wish this could really happen - especially b/c I'm Canadian.

I really like the last line of the article though:

" ... Believe me, this coin is as real as the hair on Shatner's head..."

Anonymous said...


Heads - I win, Tails - I still win.

Captain Toy said...

I think this little piece of Trek Crap should fill all our stockings this year . . . Especially, mine!!!

Anonymous said...

Another Shatner Tattoo

Marz said...

I totally bought it for about 2 glorious seconds.

In those 2 seconds, I also decided to move to Canada.