Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Go Read This Now!

From the Globe and Mail Update, a report on Bill receiving a Lifetime Achievement at the Banff World Television Festival.
[S]peaking to the industry crowd from prepared notes, Shatner was anything but flippant. Sure he’s an actor, but when he choked up as he dedicated his award to his wife Elizabeth, he seemed to have everyone in the room convinced. “My lifetime achievement is being married to her, and every day reminding myself that sustaining a marriage is in itself the achievement of a lifetime.”
And Elizabeth's response:
“I was totally overwhelmed ... and consumed with love,” Elizabeth Shatner, who was in tears during the speech, said afterward. “It’s his lifetime-achievement award, but I would thank him for taking me on the adventure of a lifetime.”

What a guy. What a gal. I love this.


Anonymous said...

Globe and Mail also had this:

Very interesting and sad.

Marz said...

D'awwww Shaaaaaaat . . . .