Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Show #115 - Sept 12

Episode 115 on MP3

Surprises galore!

A run-in with Gary Lockwood in which he is incredibly offensive
A few tidbits about Bill and Impulse
More about Bill and Twitter
Lene's going to w00tstock!
Shatner's Toupee blog - MUST SEE
A long digression about toupees
Romulan Ale & Tiberius cologne
Star Trek the Exhibition - SJ Tech Museum

A toupee-less Bill in 1957; image ganked from Shatner's Toupee
He's soooooo handsome even with the thinning hair!


Anonymous said...

Just a note to say that a: I love your podcasts, and b: I know you're now watching more_shatner, but you guys really need to watch shatnoy_rpf on Livejournal. I know you probably don't want to go anywhere near the fic, but there's so much excellent Shatner stuff often posted there that doesn't get cross-posted to more_shatner, that it's worth watching. (I personally am only in it for the downloads, picspam and general Shatner love.)

~ Anna

Anonymous said...

I don't really know about the trailers but I remember Leonard making some remarks (I think in the mind meld thing?) about how it was special for him to have his name on a permanent sign on the door instead of taped on. So I got the overall impression that he was talking about rooms in a building, not that I can be sure.