Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bill is an atheist.

From a clipping found at the wonderful site Memory Prime. This was written in 1968, shortly after Bill's father had passed away. I'll post more from it later, but this is quite interesting, esp. for 1968!
After a moment I said, "You have no religious beliefs...or hopes of an afterlife?"

Bill regarded me soberly for a moment and then he smiled, a wry little half smile. "No. I don't. Emotionally I would like to believe there is a life after death. Intellectually...I cannot accept the idea.

"We send our little daughters to Sunday school. It's important for them to have basic religious training. But as for myself, I have finally come to the conclusion that life is here and now...and nothing more."
Spoken like Captain Kirk, and like a man who always lives in the moment. I love you even more, Bill.


Frederick said...

Apparently Bill is having understandable second thoughts since that statement... only a year or so I read an interview where he confessed being very afraid of death and the uncertainly of whether life continued beyond it.

Lene Taylor said...

Interesting! He has a lot more to say about death in this article, and I'll be posting that soon.

Diana Hunt said...

Is it an oxymoron to say Bill is an Atheist God?...LOL

He's always talking about death, go Bill; can't wait for more of this article, please.

Di in Australia