Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Show #108 - June 4

Episode 108 on MP3

Questions about the MOVIE!

Where do they go from here?
How would Shatner!Kirk rate Pine!Kirk?
Kung Fu Monkey blog discussion about Trek - the Trek/Jesus quiz
News about Bill!
Pine and Quinto on SNL
Marjorie outtakes

Memory Alpha about NCC:

For those of you curious as to the origin of "Naval Construction Code", Mada101 is correct. It comes from a Diane Carey novel entitled Star Trek: Best Destiny (ISBN 0671795872) and features an "origin" story about James Kirk's early years aboard the first USS Enterprise and his father, Commander George Kirk and Captain Robert April through a series of flashbacks. At the beginning of several different chapters, the novel sets the scene location by utilizing the ship's name followed by the words "Naval Construction Contract 1701-A" or "Naval Experimental 2001" referring to a non-cannon starship USS Bill of Rights. From that novel, many acronym websites have decided to use that designation as hard canon fact, when we all know that most of the novels are not canon.

And Wikipedia:
NCC doesn't stand for anything. It was devised by Matt Jefferies, art director of the first Star Trek series. Jefferies, who is a pilot, based NCC on 20th century aircraft registration codes. In such 20th century usage, an "N" first letter refers to an aircraft registered in the USA. A "C" second letter refers to a civil aircraft. Jefferies added a second "C", just because he thought it looked better. Think of it as being like the arbitrary three-letter code that's part of automobile license plate numbers in many states.


Sean Dicken said...

The was a red-shirt, and he got redshirted in the first away mission! Where else could they have put a redshirt?

Ruru said...

Hey, how come I'm not getting this on iTunes? My subscription is not picking it up, nor is it listed on your iTunes podcast page. I want my butt girls fix!