Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Herb Solow reviews Star Trek XI

It's very interesting to see which characterizations he takes issue with.

The original article is at but the comments (yay!) are at

Rude Person came out of the cave to post this gem:
all of the people who majorly complained about the spelling error have imbalanced lives.

people, there i no reason to get worked up over a spelling oversite.

–on to Solow’s review.. i like that, and he hit Nimoy’s Spock dot on! with the, “tthe centuries of knowledge that always lurked in his eyes.” comment.

i think Quinto will put that into Spock as the movies progress.. ;)


-im going to watch this movie again this weekend :)
yeah i wish peple wuldnt' get worked up over spelling oversites ..its punkuation what counts .


Anonymous said...

Solow is totally wrong about the movie. The plot was both contrived - Romulans, but now with tatoos! - and too friggin' convoluted. The actors playing Spock and McCoy were both perfect. Chekov was better than the original. Kirk was ARRRGHHHHH DEAR GOD KILL HIM NOWWWWWWW uh not up to par. Wrong eye color. Unattractive. A doofus. And the biggest problem: in the final scene, where he is wearing the gold shirt, it is clear that he has no shoulders. Look for Joan Collins Dynasty -era padding in the next movie.

Your old pal,

JK and LT said...

PineTrees! So great to hear from you. Email me please ( or my personal addy if you still have it).