Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Butt Girls Log

Stardate: Thursday afternoon. Around tea time. Exchanging messages via an Old Earth-style communication device known as the internet. Subject: Trek porn photos.
LT: yikes. that blond woman has horrible tits but Kirk looks funny getting a blowjob with his shirt and boots on


LT: their sets are not bad - wonder if they filmed it in some geek's basement - maybe that's how those guys pay for building their own bridge sets - renting them out for porn

JK: I think you're right - And private parties - I wonder if the car dealership they film at is closing - THAT WOULD BE A DISASTER

LT: so Kirk shaves his pubic hair. hmm.

JK: No. Way. No...Fucking...WAAAAAAAAY!

LT: Mitchell did it. It was a prank.

JK: HA! How drunk were they? Was Kirk passed out? Did Mitchell convince him he had space crabs?

LT: he bought Kirk an all-day spa treatment as a going-away present when they graduated from the Academy. Kirk didn't know it included the Brazilian special.

JK: Mmmm...Ship's Manscaper

LT: And Brandt took pictures and posted them to FleetBook (that's Facebook for the Academy)

JK: And there was *full* investigation - wink wink

LT: Fig had Xmas cards made up with that pic

JK: And she sold the clipped pubes on CraigsSpaceList
Butt Girls Log, Supplemental. Personal note: We should probably be working. But we aren't.

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Sheli said...

I bought the Star Trek porns years ago as a present for my brother - we both were TOS fans. He went to return a blockbuster movie and guess what was in the wrong case ;)