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Captain Kirk

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Show #29 - Feb 3

Episode 29 on MP3

Bill sells his kidney stone to!
The dance scene in Boston Legal and a recap of 2 eps
FYI: The Hobbit's character name is Garrett Wells; the actor's name is Justin Mentell
Wake the Comatose Captain with a Haka on Waitangi Day! (courtesy of Greg Gray)
Shatner Sighting - Incubus in Blade 3!
Send us a sound clip of "Look At His Butt!" in languages other than English!
A report on the Venus Vibrance by LT
We close with "The Lady is a Tramp" sung by Bill (who else?)

Look at his beautiful face!

Proof that Incubus really is in Blade 3


Unknown said...

Hey guys,

Great show. Just a quick note, the reason why they watch Incubus is because in the movie they use the language to secretly talk to other vampire hunters and contacts, its like a code. Hence they watch the movie in order to practice. Although you never see them practice, the language is used in a scene between one of the characters and a contact in the underground in order to not alert the authoraties. We also see another character watching the movie while he recovers in sick bay from his battle wounds.

Yes Blade 3 was bad, but it was so bad it was good! Come on its a silly ride i think everyone should hop on, and seriously this is a pure action flick. I enjoyed it, not to mention Ryan Renolds is hillarious.

Keep up the good work ladies,

P.S I hope you enjoy the MP3 I sent you, Also give a shout out to my blog, it rocks

Mister DA said...

For clarification about Bill's "French" pronuncikation of Espranto in "Incubus" see the comments at IMDB.

Anonymous said...

LT and JK

Relevant to nothing on today's page, I was talking to my dog the other day and must have used a word with too many syllables. My wife laughingly shouted at me "Dammit Jim I'm a dog not an English major."

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
That they used Espreanto as a code language completely passed me by - well spotted! One thing though, the photo of Blade next to the TV is from that scene where Ryan Reynolds is recovering from his wounds. The camera is about to pan to him in the hospital bed. Wow, the use of Incubus as a teaching aid for vampire hunters - is there NOTHING Bill can't do! Incubus - Sucubus - Vampire - Blade III

Unknown said...


Thank yew! Thank yew! I am the man. :)

JK and LT said...

Wow! So these bad guys all learned Esperanto! That's so weird. It's like college professors moonlighting as hitmen. (Plus I'm surprised anyone in Hollywood even knows what Esperanto is.)

JK and LT said...

Mongo, maybe your dog understands Esperanto. Maybe all the dogs have learned it (or some canine variation - doggeranto) so they can talk about us. Although I'm pretty sure dogs mainly talk about smells.

Anonymous said...

"Smell His Butt!" the popular Dogcast

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong end of the stick JK. The Esperanto-Professors where moonlighting as vampire-hunters and were therefore the good guys. It's the vampires who are bad, hmmmkay. As far as Hollywood knowing about Esperanto - the director for Blade3 (David S. Goyer) appears to have also done among other things: Batman Begins, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD (starring The Hoff!), and will be doing The Flash in 2006 so I'm sensing a certain degree of geek-cred from his CV.

Anonymous said...

Since you called me out, I have to ask:

How the hell do I try out the Nitro on myself? I'm a sex toy virgin.


-Deep Shave

Anonymous said...

Star Trek permeates every area of my life. Every time I toss my workout bag onto my bed I think of how Kirk tossed his duffle bag onto his "bunk" in Star trek 6.

I can't escape the associations.

Yesterday I walked into my friend's house and he was playing opera cranked waaaaay up. I thought about the scene in First Contact where Picard has got the Klingon opera cranked so he can drown out the chatter of "the collective" in his head.

These little Star Trek moments are a treat for me, actually. But there aren't many people I know who would get what I'm saying.

Then again...

Anonymous said...

wow Len

From time to time I shout "I am sick-and-tired-of Klingons" while reflexively lashing and kicking with my right leg against inanimate objects.

And, even though no one besides LT & JK remarked about it, my mind always goes into a "dammit Jim I'm a xxxxxxxxxxx not a yyyyyyyy" mode when confronted with a conundrum.

And I have a real job!

Anonymous said...

Mongo, this is my latest Star Trek Moment:

My room-mate has an answering machine that "speaks" in a male voice. Unlike most telephone answering machines that speak in a female voice. So naturally, when "he" says:


I think of the male-gendered enterprise computer voice in "Mirror, Mirror"

It's obvious,...right?


Anonymous said...

First let me say I love the podcast - finally got caught up on all of them!

This show you mentioned ways the writers could get Trek references into Boston Legal - well, did you see "Trekkies"? There was a woman who was a die-hard trekkie, and she insisted on wearing her Starfleet uniform to jury duty. Maybe they could use that....

Thanks for a great 'cast!


Unknown said...

Do you already have "look at his butt" in Klingon?