Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Show #28 - Jan 25

Episode 28 on MP3

Sorry we're late!

Alexander The Great
Fanfic recs: Kissing Captain Kirk by LyraStar
How to Wake the Comatose Captain
More on the word "cooter"
George Takei on Howard Stern's show
Brian Evans and William Shatner Live CD
Maynard's tie (and Maynard's podcast!)
The page down picture, in all its glory
We tell pointless stories about movies and theatre and mercifully end the show

Mr. A.T. Great, looking concerned. This was the best cleaning up I could do.

Maynard shows us his tie!


Mister DA said...

Geez, guys. Try the dictionary -

American Heritage:

coot·er n. Lower Southern U.S. 1. An edible freshwater turtle of the genus Chrysemys. 2. Any of various turtles or tortoises. See Regional Note at goober. [Gullah, of Niger-Congo origin Mandingo kuta.]

Anonymous said...

About cooters...
First on on the page :

JK and LT said...


BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The video is hilarious. Any idea when it was shown?


Anonymous said...

The thing itself was filmed around the end of august 2004 but I'm not really sure when it aired.
Anyway, I'm glad you found it fun.

henaworld said...

I have to say, I went to the website of Brian Evans (, and I think he has a terrific voice. You should check out the "fun tabs" section of his bio on the website.

In any event, I think the new CD just shipped to stores. Give it time for the cover image to pop up. It usually takes a month or two for those online retailers.

But I want to say, I really dig his voice. You should listen to his "turtle cover" CD. The person who does all of his arrangements, including the brief clip you played on your show, was arranged by Oscar winning arranger Steve Sidwell, who won an Oscar for arranging the soundtrack to the movie "Moulin Rouge."

Brian's certainly no lounge act. Some pretty high profile people are working with him for a reason.

Although he's done many "indie" CD's, all hits in Asia, he just signed a major label debut that I think you'll find pretty amazing.

Jason said...

Hello, ladies. Love you site and love the show. I look for it every week.

We are having Star Trek Week at Gateway 73. Stop on by when you can cause we spotlighted you. I am sure the picture we came up for you, doesn't do you justice but I'm sure it will be great for laugh.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Maynard bears a slight resemblance to George Takei. What a fun tie!

Anonymous said...

xI did get to interview George Takei when he was in Australia last year, in between David Carradine asking me to step outside and my eyes popping at the Lex girl.

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