Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, February 10, 2006

Show #30 - Feb 12

Episode 30 on MP3

William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods
We delve into the book Star Trek II: Biographies (scroll down about 2/3 of the way on this page)
New Voyages gets Takei and Gerrold
We meet the ship's chimney sweep
Movieland Wax Museum auctions off the bridge of the Enterprise
Shatner shills yet again, this time for Flame Seal
Did you know Khan and Marla had a baby?
And who is your favorite TOS guest star? Charlene Masters!
A Betazoid wedding in Vegas?
Worms duelling with their penii! A third season ep!
And we close with the Wiggles' "Wake Up Jeff"

Check out the collar.

Classic Shatner facial expression. He's so enthusiastic!


Captain Toy said...

They aren't naked in the wedding because it was an Earth-sytle wedding. The Betazoid wedding was later when they got back to Betazoid and Wolf didn't want to be naked. I think Riker was picking on him about that before Picard told him he would be naked or something like taht.

Dave said...

I almost spit water on my laptop with Kirk mothers interview. Proving once again that I cannot eat and drink while listening to you guys. Cant wait till the next show...

Mister DA said...

You guys really, really need a dictionary [-)

Jade - obscure usage: A woman regarded as disreputable or shrewish.

JK and LT said...

Thanks for the clarification, Jennifer. At that point, I was probably picking through the kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bag. I mean, really! Popcorn should last longer than that. It just should!


JK and LT said...

Oh Dave, I just love doing that Minnesota accent, doncha know!


JK and LT said...

Hi Mister DA -

I blame LT. She's a linguist. She should know more words.

Pondering that definition of "jade" - now Janice's poem makes even less sense. I wouldn't have thought it possible.


Dave said...

Hey, I was just watching TV and i saw a priceline comercial and it had bill dressed up as a bellhop. He had no lines and it was very brief but it was bill. If you guys get a chance try to get a screen capture because its pretty funny

mike said...

Speaking of "lost scenes" I would swear that in the television ads for ST6 there was an Enterprise hallway shot of Kirk taking a phaser shot to the chest (with that classic Shatner open-mouthed-surprise expression, suddenly hunched shoulders, and "jazz hands" extended) and then disappearing as though he was vaporised! It wasn't in the final movie, but I'm sure I saw it!

JK and LT said...

I think that scene was cut because of the "jazz hands." Too Fosse.


Cairo said...

I remember that lost scene too! With Kirk getting phasered! And it never appeared in the movie and isn't listed as a deleted scene on I'm thinking it was a Khan dream sequence, and the old genetically enhanced boy wakes up drooling and ready to fire phasers!

Roger said...

I like Star Trek.

Trish said...

Jade can also mean "adulteress: a woman adulterer"

Cheryl said...

Once again, I laughed myself stupid listening to the show. Kirk's mom (as an Iowan, I am obligated to protest that error), bad poetry, worm appendages - now that's a variety show.

I recommended LAHB in an article about podcasts I wrote for an e-zine. It's at:

As always, looking forward to the next installment.