Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Show #23 - Nov 30

Episode 23 on MP3

A brand new show!

Cafe Press T-shirts! Just in time for Christmas!
Listen to us on TSFPN's SciFi Access, Ep. 2
Vote for us on Podcast Alley
About the very gay picture of George Takei
Brannon Braga leaves Star Trek! Hooray!
Bill shills in Texas and the Boston Legal wrap-up
The answers to the question Who Else Could Have Played Captain Kirk?
And how did we end up at Captain Stabbin's porn site?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for my weekly fix - finally! I've already looked for three days :)


Anonymous said...

i'm in the middle of listening. I went to buy the T-shirt & found this:

irreverent but cute