Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ferengi Are Doing It For Themselves.

Gregory Gray takes on alien sex: "The observant will notice that the whole contraption is based upon that of a Ferengi Freighter - typical Ferengi, saving money by recycling a previous design!"

As always, click for the larger version.


MSP Biker said...

Wow, I just found your web site... and damn. Very cool. Being a big fan of the original series, I have to say, keep up the good work.

Also, I know you're fans of his butt, but I found Kirk to have... other attractive attributes:

Uh, that link seems dirty, but it's not.

rcairo said...

Can we please have no pictures of Ferengi? They're just so jarring when contemplating all that is Shatner. It's like Joan Rivers standing next to Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas.