Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Show #20 - Nov 6

Episode 20 on MP3

Special Bascon edition!

George Takei gets teh Gay (and the picture we mentioned)
Warp Speed in SF again - go see it!
Gary Mitchell's invincible foot from the Trek BBS
We discuss Nick Meyer and Star Trek VI
Lots of Boston Legal and why Shatner is relevant again
The Boston iLegal podcast and why we should be on it
We close with words of wisdom from Afroman

LAHB Question of the Week: Who else could have played Kirk?

How to find us at a con hotel.


Anonymous said...

Alternative Kirk’s in a quasi-dual spin-off worm-hole universe?
My suggestion would be: Robert Duvall (born 5 January 1931).

According to imdb he appeared in a couple of TV shows in 1966-67 and in the films he appeared in at that time he in no way takes star billing; so he’s perhaps at a similar point in his career in 1966 as Shatner.

I don’t know if he could have given all the facets of character Shatner brought to Kirk, he seems to play quite reserved characters in his later roles, but perhaps he could have channelled forward (via wormhole, naturally) for some of the command presence and “spontaneity” of Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (played when aged 48); hopefully with a little more sanity of course and sprinkled with a little of the charm and humanity he shows in his later work. But then again perhaps he would have taken a wrong turn and given us a Major Frank Burns in space – poor Hot-lips Uhurahan.

Annoyingly I couldn’t find any photo’s of a 35 year old Duvall (let alone one of his butt) so can’t comment on his “hotness” (or lack there-off), though I am sure he would have beaten Picard in the race to be the first bald star captain by many years (unless he succumbed to the temptation of the “Shatner 2000” of course).

And Spock? how about Adam West .. due to the (sometime) reserved character he gave Batman.

I’d be intrigued to hear LT/JK’s thoughts on what Nichelle Nichols might have been like as Kirk.

.. braced for merciless ridicule

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I don't know why, but Roger Moore came to mind. Maybe in an alternate universe, Captain Kirk has an English accent.
I think we live in a very silly universe where George Takei being gay is newsworthy!

Mister DA said...

Alternate Kirks? From 1/2 a generation earlier (all born in the 1920s and would have been in the range of late 30s to mid 40s when ST first ran - actaully, a more realistic age for the captian of the Enterprise):

Hugh O'Brian - Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
James Garner
Jack Kelly
Roger Moore - all three from Maverick
Gene Barry - Bat Masterson
Peter Graves - Mission Impossible

From the Shantner generation (born in the 1930s)
Robert Conrad - I Spy
Burt Reynolds - Hawk (don't laugh - check out what he was doing in the mid 60s)
Vic Morrow - Combat (actual, Morrow was born in 1929, but close enough)
Gardner McKay - Adventures in Paradice

Liz said...

Another vote for Robert Conrad, whose butt is every bit as beautiful as Shatner's--look at any episode of Wild Wild West

Blogger said...

I think Harrison Ford would have done a great job.