Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, November 14, 2005

Show #21.5 - More Bascon!

Episode 21.5 on MP3

And another special Bascon edition!

An interview with Big Miss Sunbeam, author of:
the incredible Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide
A Soldier's Story
Promised Land
Anybody's Night at Oscar's Egyptian Cabaret
The Fall of the House of Sarek
and many many more!

And more good fic to read:
His Beloved Pet by Ruth Gifford and Atara Stein

He DOES look like Patrick Stewart!


mike said...

When I try "right click and save" I get an error message about the page having been removed or had its name changed.

JK and LT said...


Not my week for coding. It's fixed now. Enjoy!


gregorygray said...

.... one thousand thanks to BMS for reminding me that it was Johnny Horton who sang "the Battle of 1814" .. a timeless classic and a small but memorable part of my childhood! (those darn British!)

Mongo said...


first Sulu, now Spock and Jim

is Checkov next?

Anonymous said...

LOVED to hear Miss Sunbeam. The sexiest female voice I've heard in a long time *fanning myself*

I hope you're going to interview more of the old and new writer's guild.


Cairo said...

Patrick Stewart has no butt to speak of. There is no blog called Look at Patrick Stewart's Butt. Or Look at Picard's Butt. Or Look at Professor X's Butt (Check Under the Seat). Or whatever. You know.

k1of7 said...

will listening to numerous shows back-to-back make me see slash in everything? Actually, I already do - glad to know the slash identification syndrome is a universal (not "mal"ady: what would be the word for "good"ady) (I'll just go with:) boon (and then segue into Alamo fantasies)

meeting SBMSB @ KiScon was like meeting a rack star! one of my fav moments in fandom.