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Captain Kirk

Monday, August 22, 2016

Show #226 - August 22

Episode 226 on MP3

A show and a half!

MAC Star Trek cosmetics!
For the Love of Spock trailer
The Roddenberry Vault Blu-Ray!
The Smithsonian restoration of the Enterprise model!
A fantastic review of Galaxy Quest!
Bill apologizes for Star Trek V!
Bill throws out the first pitch at Fenway Park
Titan collection of Star Trek toys
Parade magazine interview, with great photo of Bill!
We talk a LOT about Star Trek: Discovery!

We're going to be at Creation Con Chicago!

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Sheri in Chicago said...

The scenes Kitty described from The Conscience of the King have ALWAYS been part of the episode. H&I is running the complete, uncut versions of the episodes as released on the 2009 remastered DVDs and later Blu-rays. I have always been very aware of how differently stations edited Star Trek in syndication, because I was fortunate to live for many years in an area that received multiple TV stations from different markets. A friend & I recorded all the episodes from multiple telecasts on VHS in 1984-85, then meticulously reconstructed fairly complete episodes from the combined recordings. Damn near killed us! Now, of course, stations are not only hacking more time out of syndication prints of shows, but also time-compressing the airings. If you've seen Star Trek on ME-TV the last few years, you've been watching it edited with a chainsaw. If you watch H&I and/or Blu-rays, you'll see everything you've missed for years!

Sheri in Chicago said...

RE the event Discovery is referencing from TOS: I was just about to type that I think it might have something to do with the ESP events referenced in Where No Man Has Gone Before, when Kitty mentioned it as I was listening! Great minds think alike! Two other possibilities: something to do with Tyree's people, with whom Kirk had been embedded for a time previously (what was going on that caused that to happen at the time, I wonder?); or, something to do with John Gill? What if it's something to do with the previous encounter with the vampire cloud while Kirk was on the Farragut under Garrovick?

By the way, since you mentioned it as I was listening, not all women wore miniskirts on TOS. If you watch carefully, you'll see various extras, women walking in corridors or background, wearing pants throughout the series. Just FYI.

Captain Toy said...

Hey butt girls kept Captain Toy here to give you a report. Recently, I listened to Bill's "Leonard" and I just finished watching "For the Love of Spock." I wanted to give you my thoughts on the two pieces and how they compare to each other. Since, you know, they are in contribute to the same man.

I figure that you have probably already checked out. I know you to tend to read any of one of Bill's books once they come out. I have not read or listened to all of them, but I have read a few of them. Leonard does read similar to Bill's other books, but it's surprised me. I was expecting a memoir but what I got was a lot closer to a proper biography than I actually expected to see. Bill detailed events and facts that he would have very little knowledge of. It is true that Leonard could have told him about these things, but it didn't quite feel that way. It felt like Bill had been reading a well researched book about someone that he didn't personally know. Which was both fascinating and disappointing at the same time. I am glad that entire book was not like that, but it was a bit awkward in the beginning.

I have to say though it was really nice to listen to Bill calmly describe events in Leonard's life. It did add a personal touch to it. Even if Bill didn't write most of it. I could really tell where Bill really didn't write it. It was blatantly obvious. I can't find the exact switch where Bill took over primary writing of the book, but it is somewhere around where Star Trek begins. There it feels much personal and natural. Which was what I was looking for in this book. I wanted William Shatner's perspective on his 50 year friendship with Leonard Nimoy. I wasn't looking for a biography of Leonard Nimoy. I am sure other people can do that far better than Bill ever can. He is just too close to the subject to remain properly objective. He should have done something far more personal than what he did. It's kind of disappointing, but also not really that bad. It still was quite enjoyable. It made my rides to work much more palatable. I do not regret my choice to purchase it from audible.

Captain Toy said...

As far as "For the Love of Spock" I don't know. I certainly liked it, but I didn't find myself as fascinated by it. Here was somebody who was closer to Leonard Nimoy than William Shatner. Yet it felt almost as if a stranger made it. Now, I don't know a lot about Adam or his directing style, but it just didn't feel personal. Like he was creating a documentary about a colleague or a hero that he knew. Not like he was creating a documentary about his dad. Which was exactly what he was doing. I wanted a little more of the personal side of Adam and Leonard Nimoy. Which I didn't get. It's not a huge deal, it was a bit disappointing. Granted, it probably symbolizes their relationship better, but I can't help feeling disappointed. I wanted a little more out of this documentary that I actually got.

I found the documentary a tad boring. Which I can't say of Bill's book. Even with my complaints I still enjoyed it and got something meaningful out of it. Bill helped me get a perspective on Leonard's life that I never had before. For that I thank him. I do find Leonard Nimoy to be a fascinating subject. He was nowhere near as charismatic as Bill but he was still interesting. Which Adam didn't quite seem to capture. Sure, there were interesting facts about Leonard but there wasn't something new. It felt like the same old, same old. Plus it featured the new cast very heavily. Which I was disappointed in. These people barely knew Leonard Nimoy.

They were not the right choice to include in this documentary. I get it: it was not just a documentary of Leonard Nimoy. It was a documentary of Spock as well. So, obviously, you should include something about the new version. You don't need to spend that much time it though. It isn't interesting to the audience that you are targeting. Remove it.

I am not going to get on a rant on how much I hate the new Trek. That would take days. Although, I will admit that I do like both Spock and McCoy. They were pretty faithful interpretations of them. The rest of it is garbage. I didn't want to be confronted with them for so long in this film. It is a reminder to me on how wrong Star Trek has been for the last few years. There is a reason why I stopped going to see them. I didn't want it in this documentary. It probably colored my impression of the piece.

I don't regret giving Adam my money, but I did prefer Bill's work over his. I guess it makes sense, but it is a little disappointing. Since I have said disappointing way too many times now I am going to shut up now. It really wasn't that bad. It just was disappointing. Which is probably far, far worse. I will probably never follow Adam's work. It just isn't very interesting to me.

What are your thoughts on these two pieces? Did you get a chance to check out "For the Love of Spock?" If so, which one did you prefer? I would love to hear your perspective on it.

I love you guys even if I don't always send you messages – I am listening. Keep up your hard work!

Captain Toy