Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Show #227 - Sept. 27

Episode 227 on MP3

Our first Chicago adventure show!
Some discussion about Star Trek: Discovery
We watched Conscience of the King
Lene watched The Cage and The Menagerie and reviews them
We discuss Better Late Than Never

"I wasn't finished! You're ruining it for me!"

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Sheri said...

Gals, it would be helpful for listeners if you would announce the date you're recording at the top of your podcast, as the date obviously has nothing to do with the date the podcast is posted. Could you please do that in the future? Loved this one, but why did JK sound like she was a mile from her mic?

Sheri said...

Here's what cracks me up in The Menagerie: poor Pike is in a room by himself, and unlike all other doors in Star Trek, the door to his room opens with a latch and swings in. So, unless someone visits him or leaves that door open, Pike can never get out!

I disagree that Spock keeping information from Kirk in this episode is out of character for him. Hell, Spock was ALWAYS telling Kirk things long after he needed to know them! He comes clean about Pon Farr AFTER Kirk is already committed to his orders to go to Planet Whatever, too late for him to tell Admiral Komack far enough in advance that another ship could replace Enterprise so he has to disobey orders to get Spock to Vulcan. Doesn't tell Kirk Sarek & Amanda are his parents, so Kirk ends up making an ass of himself in front them when they're introduced. I mean, thanks a lot Spock, goddammit! He's always doing that!