Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Show #194 - August 5

Episode 194 on MP3

Special interview edition with John Tenuto!

We talk about how Star Trek came back from the dead, Ricardo Montalban, women in fandom, teaching sociology, and of course WILLIAM SHATNER!

Thanks to John for being so generous with his time!

[And apologies for the delay in posting this ep - being computer-less for 2 weeks really put my life out of whack! - LT]

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1 comment:

Margaret said...

Great show! I took notes.

I enjoyed hearing John Tenuto talk about how he uses his interest in Shatner to humanize himself in the classroom. I make it a point to out myself as a Star Trek/Shatner fan whenever remotely appropriate, because it seems to put people at ease to know you're pleasantly nutty about something.

And since sociological imagination came up: Did you know my best friend and I met through LAHB?

A few years back, you posted a priceline-inspired Kirk macro with the caption "Go lower, cupcake". It was by Fresca of l'astronave. I checked her blog out, liked it a lot, and started an e-mail correspondence with her. Long story short, for the past three years, we've been happy roommates!

What d'ya know?