Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, June 16, 2014

Show #193 - June 16

Episode 193 on MP3


Kitty hugged and kissed Bill!!!!
Interview with Amanda!
Mission Impossible - "Encore" (1972)
Ray Bradbury Theater - "The Playground" (1985)
Sarai reviews Mirror, Mirror!

Look at his butt!!
Sweeping a beautiful woman into his arms - THAT'S WHAT KIRK WOULD DO

Looks nothing like Captain Kirk! Thanks, Amanda & Roger!
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1 comment:

Margaret said...

The con report I've been looking forward to, with Star Trek love-scene music right on cue!

I was also struck by how genuinely amused Bill was by the WWKD shirt. Who knew?

And then Bill's "attagirl!" to JK! I thought that was almost as great a moment as the hug/kiss itself. WFS said "attagirl!" to YOU! If I had to choose between a hug or an "attagirl", I would hesitate (and then choose the hug). But both! YAY!

I watched "Encore" and was baffled by the ending too. But it's always rewarding to see Bill in a confused/paranoid role. He seemed to play that part a lot in those years, and very well, I think. Not a bad limper, either.

I had no idea about Sarai's ST recaps. She has a great grasp of the biggest, best moments…"I CAN GET THAT FOR YOUUUUU!"