Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Show #195 - August 16

Episode 195 on MP3

More stuff about the con!
JK is another media conquered!
The contest! We were runners-up!
Bill, DeForest, and Leonard in failed TV pilots!
AVClub on Bill in the Twilight Zone!
The Etsy Segment!
And we do IMPORTANT WORK! John Tenuto said so!

You too can sleep with "Kirk" and "Spock" 

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1 comment:

Margaret said...

I'm loving the Shatoetry intro. It's still new enough to me that I'm never expecting it, and hearing Bill's voice when you're not expecting it is a great thing.

The Lifesavers clip. What to say. Amazing, shocking, unbelievable. Bill takes product placement above and beyond. You don't just want a Lifesaver, you want to BE a Lifesaver.

Here's De talking about "Police Story" in Bill's "Star Trek Memories":

"When [Gene R] began work on the second STAR TREK pilot, he offered me the role of the doctor, but the network had turned me down because, and it sounds funny in retrospect, they couldn't see me as a doctor. And one day, several weeks after I'd been dumped by the network, I came by Gene's office, and he gave me another script and said, 'Read this, and see how you feel about playing the criminologist.'

"It was a pilot script, and it was called POLICE STORY. . . . So I read it, liked it, and I ended up playing this rather cranky, cantankerous criminologist. . . . [A]fter several more weeks had passed, I called Gene to see if he'd gotten any word about whether or not this thing might sell. Gene picked up the phone and I'd barely said hello when he started yelling, 'De! De! De! I'm so happy you called!The network just saw you in POLICE STORY and now they want you for the STAR TREK doctor.' "

So, De was actually going to be in both shows at the same time, but of course, PS wasn't picked up.

The Star Trek cats are hilariously accurate. I'm glad someone thought to do this, because Shatner is so feline in general. I also saw a convincing mashup of him as a Persian cat:

So, I bought the Kingdom of the Spiders book. But I bought mine off Amazon, so the Etsy one is still up for grabs. Someone should definitely get is signed.

I also looked for Kingdom of the Spiders fan fiction, with no luck. Too bad. Rack Hansen is begging for some bad fics.