Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bill, the EVE, and a Towel

While browsing around the web today, I found some nice screencaps of Bill in an episode of The Fugitive, called Stranger in the Mirror, 1965. The first one is a classic over-dramatic pose (Kirk possessed by Janice Lester, perhaps):

But look at THIS! You can see the EVE under the towel! HOW DID HE GET AWAY WITH THIS??

So the EVE predates Trek. When you book Shatner for a role, you get the whole package, and I do mean package. Wow.

We need to watch this ep.


Anonymous said...

The EVE in action

JK and LT said...


Anonymous said...

You've never watched this Fugitive episode? You must be kidding ... I mean, this is classic Psycho Shat!!!