Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, July 30, 2010

For one man, shame has no meaning.

As Bill was shilling for "Shit My Dad Says" (yes, I actually typed it out--Shit. Get over it.)

One critic repeatedly asked about a theory that pornography and the social nature of Star Trek fans "did sort of launch the Internet." Shatner tried to deflect the question but the critic followed up and finally asked, “Do you not in some minor way feel responsible?”
I am responsible. And I'm shouldering it. I'm okay.
Eat his static, Al Gore.

And man oh manischewitz, does he look good!


Diana Hunt said...

Yeah he looks GOOD!!! Oh man, should I be lusting after an 80 year old? When it's Bill the answer is YES.

Margaret said...

Hey, it could be "Shit-fuckery My Dad Says," only that's not as catchy.

Onward, Shameless One!