Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brad Paisley's mancrush

From The Star:

William Shatner’s last words on his 2004 album Has Been, “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m real,” come from a song Paisley wrote for him.

So who was more exciting to talk to, the sitting President or the imaginary starship captain? “No offence to Mr. Obama,” Paisley says with a laugh. “I think if the president ever met Bill he would agree. I’ve never run into the likes of him anywhere. Truly a blast to be around, he has more energy than me — and he’s almost 80. ‘You want to ride motorcycles, let's ride motorcycles. You want to jump out of an airplane? I'm free tomorrow.’

“That's just how to live your life, man,” Paisley says.

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Margaret said...

"if the president ever met Bill"

*brain implodes*