Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Bill thinks the show should be called

From Slate:
It should be more obvious yet that the casting department knew in an instant whom to speed-dial. In days gone by, when a great actor reached a great age—Laurence Olivier and John Gielgud come to mind here—he would take another go at the great Shakespeare tragedy about the mad king and his three daughters. In 2010, when a casting agent needs a great ham actor in his 70s, there is only one place to go, and $#*! My Dad Says is William Shatner's King Lear. The show's tag line seems to be, "The Shat hits the fan."

Wiping the truffled crumbs of one such canapé from my mouth, I asked Shatner how he thought CBS should refer to $#*! My Dad Says on air. Moonves had told me that there was an "ongoing discussion" about whether they'd go with "Stuff My Dad Says" or "Bleep My Dad Says" or "[Bleeeep] My Dad Says," but the star wants to be very specific about the vague noun: "We say spit; why can't we say shit?" said Shat. "Shit is a very natural function of the body. We shouldn't discard it."
Oh, Bill.

PS. Anyone know where I can get a better copy of this image? I screencapped this from the YouTube clip. Look at his eyes!

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