Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Third Season Kirk

Our friends over at TrekCore continue to post extremely lovely Blu-Ray high-def screencaps of TOS episodes. They've just done The Savage Curtain - not one of our faves - but I found some great shots of Kirk. Sure, it's third season and he's put weight, and he's got a terrible toupee, but it's BILL!

Look at the faces. And the pointing.

Sheer Shatner.

Enjoy. And click to embiggen.


Iddy said...

Oh, Kitty, Id is sad, embiggening not allowed!

Word verification is "pubacons". Sounds like something McCoy should treat with a hypospray...

murt said...

Iddy you just have to press enter again after you click on the link - then it should work.

Actually I didn't think his toup was that bad in the 3rd season -- I certainly think it went downhill from there -- especially when I think of the the toups that he wore in the ST movies.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they have a cap of the shot where he rips his we can look at his butt!!

Anonymous said...

Still not as good as: