Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Show #116 - Oct 3

Episode 116 on MP3

Blu-Ray TOS 3rd season DVDs extra - "Where No Man Has Gone Before" with Mitchell cruising???
Nicholas Meyer's book is out! With stuff about Bill
More about the pants - did Sabrina Scharf really dislike Bill?
Creation Con in SF in January!
Durex Vibration Rings Value Pack!
Make up your own captions to this image!

C'mon, how could you not want to kiss him??


Obstinatrix said...

Well, *I* sure as hell want to kiss him. I never noticed she turned her face away when he kissed her! Maybe she didn't trust herself to keep the kiss to a level acceptable for a 60s TV show? Because that would definitely be my problem.

Fresca said...

I usually want to kiss him, but ... those sideburns!

Anonymous said...

I want to kiss those sideburns!

JK and LT said...

How about this? Kiss the sideburns, rip them off and then kiss away the ouch.

Fresca said...

And then the spanking?

JK and LT said...

And the oral sex.