Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bill Accepts an Award...

... for a movie he wasn't even in!
The biggest award of the night was the "Ultimate Scream" and Star Trek was up against some stiff competition. Actor Morgan Freemen presented the award and after he announced Star Trek had won, the crowd got a surprise when William Shatner stepped onto the stage to accept the award. After taking the award, Shatner stated (via AP):

"J.J., I’ll handle this," Shatner said to J.J. Abrams, seated in the audience, who also won best director and best sci-fi movie for "Star Trek."

"This movie was big," Shatner said. "Imagine how big it could have been with me in it? … I’ll be waiting for your call."

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Anonymous said...

Gosh.......... balls is right. It's also amazing that he had the energy to fly out to LA for this when he was in NYC the day before!