Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bill Meets Kevin Pollak

I don't do that!
Yes, you do!



Anonymous said...

Is the video on YouTube as well by any chance? People who're outside the US unfortunately can't watch the hulu stuff. BTW, love your blog and podcasts :-)

JK and LT said...

Sorry, it appears to be available only on hulu. :-(

Anonymous said...

"I want you to do me." YES!

Marvin8 said...

Not only does Pollack do Shatner PRECISELY, but Frank Caliendo does as well. The difference is that Caliendo goes way WAY over the top with the mannerisms and personality. Totally hilarious. Pollack's is a little more understated and accurate. Also, Pollack's natural timbre is closer to Shatner's. They're both GREAT. If you wanna laugh a little harder, you watch Caliendo. If you wanna be mesmerized by the accuracy of Pollack, watch him instead. I prefer Pollack by a small margin.