Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We're a hit!

The audience at the Dragon Theatre in Palo Alto, CA went space-crazy for "Look At His Butt!"
"Real belly-laughs!"

"I really enjoyed it and thought it was fresh and creative. Hope you do it again."

"Your show was great! I particularly liked the interview with Kirk's Mom."

"The best show about Shatner's butt I've ever seen!"

"Howeird reviewed Shatner Butt Girls who did a show last Saturday as entertaining & tightly scripted - worth full price"

"Just got home from the Palo Alto show, you guys were great! I was there with my husband [...] we both loved it - particularly the K/S bit."

New podcast coming soon - Butt Girls' Honor!


J.A. Morris said...

An illustration of Shatner adorns the new issue of Believer:

Diana Hunt said...

I have a Cyber Bubby who saw the show and loved it. She picked up a program for me, so I can pretend that I went...LOL

Well done Butt Girls.

Di in Australia

JK and LT said...

Ummmm...what's a Cyber Bubby?

Glad she enjoyed the show!

- Kitty

Diana Hunt said...

A Cyber Bubby is a young friend who I met through the Interwebs. Bubby cos she is like 22 years younger than me...LOL, but share a love of all things K/S

Di in Australia

JK and LT said...

I think she left us a comment on Trekspace after the show.

Diana Hunt said...

I wouldn't be surprised. I'll take a photo of your Program when it arrives safely in the land Downunder

Anonymous said...

I love so much this site