Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, April 02, 2009

More Bill/TOS Media!

Courtesy of the always hilarious Mike Sterling. His comments on Tiberius are too funny!

"There's something surprisingly nostalgic about how entirely non-convincing these are. Calling them "prop replica(s)," as the solicit does, seems to be pushing the definition a bit."

"Get ready for arguments over whether "K'plah" or "Qapla'" is the accepted spelling."

"This seems a tad bit...disrespectful, somehow. Though admittedly, the original Enterprise didn't seem to have any shortage of bottles of contraband Romulan Ale, so I guess a bottle opener is a fair representation. "All abord the USS Booze-a-prise! Drinking frequencies open, barkeep!""

"Cologne named after Kirk? That may be too much for any one man to live up to. I think if I were to open a bottle of this, the scent would grab a ceiling fixture and swing both feet directly into my chest."


Jason said...

You forgot about Red Shirt Cologne. For the man who lives today. :)

Cheryl said...

I saw Star Trek breakfast cereal at the grocery store today.