Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, April 20, 2009

Star Trek Cereal!

I WANT SOME! Even though I know it will taste like crap. This is the kind of stuff that will show up in my local Big Lots store for 49 cents a box.


Iddy said...

I got Some!! And no, I haven't opened it yet. We KNOW it tastes like crap so we will just keep it, uhhh pristine, yeah, we'll keep it just like we bought it.

Anonymous said...

On the DVD, there will be a scene that depicts the origin of the Finnegan-Kirk feud.

Apparently, Kirk and Mitchell were always after Finnegan's Lucky Charms, and Kellogg's used that as the impetus for this cereal.

Oh, and Mitchell doesn't care who knows it.

JK and LT said...

So the first thing Kirk did on taking command of the Enterprise is destroy the Planet of the Lucky Charms. You only need to add photon torpedoes to the picture on the box cover.


girl6 said...

Why, why, WHY did they have to put marshmallows in it?!!

JK and LT said...

It could be worse. It could be peeps.

Anonymous said...


Martini said...

49 cents?! Did I get ripped off? Let's do the math: $30 in gas driving to the USA, and $1.99 for the cereal. Hmm.

At least it's loaded to the max with marshmallows!