Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Show #103.5 - March 7

Episode 103.5 on MP3

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WonderCon wrap up, esp. the Trek panel
A few more Bill tidbits


Iddy said...

Okay, maybe Pine is just the right guy to play Kirk. I've NEVER heard Bill talk about how he gets into character, not in an interview, not in his book. Kirk is motion--action. Spock is introspection.

ZQ has had more than a year of marketing time over Pine in order to get used to the press and fan hoopala. Sounds like the casting might be right on the money. I sure hope so.

Vespero said...

I hate them...these new Spock and Kirk. Don't know why but it hurts...
Do you know that the new ST movie comes out in Russia on the 7th of May? Oh I'll try not to blow up the cinema...