Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, March 20, 2009

Entertainment Weekly plays hard to get

They don't seriously expect me to believe they're over their mancrush on Shatner, do they? Ever since I called them out on it, they're deliberately leaving him off lists he belongs on.

I submit 25 Great Bromances

And I summarize: No Kirk and Spock, no Denny and Alan (for whom the term BROMANCE was coined), no TJ and Adrian Zmed...

Entertainment Weekly, you're not fooling anyone. You! are! PWNED!


Diana Hunt said...

Happy Shatmoy Butt Girls

Di in Australia

Anonymous said...

TJ Durant never, and I repeat NEVER had a crush on Adrian Zmed... mancrush or otherwise! As his creator, I am deeply offen-

Oh, wait. TJ Hooker. Right?

(Grinning sheepishly and hoping wife doesn't realize what a big dork she just married.)

Um... Carry on!