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Captain Kirk

Monday, March 16, 2009

OMG! not

Back in the day, there was a story that the New York Post had the headline "JUDY ATTEMPTS SUICIDE" permanently set in type. For you young 'uns, it was a snarky reference to Judy Garland's frequent suicide attempts.

Modern-day examples of such headlines would include ELVIS SIGHTED, ANGELINA JOLIE ADOPTS ORPHAN, and now, Star Trek's contribution to this tiresome pantheon...


According to TrekToday in an article by T'Bonz on March 15, 2009:
Harlan Ellison, writer of the award-winning City on the Edge of Forever original series episode, filed suit against Paramount on March 13 for failing to account to, or pay Ellison for the merchandising, publishing or any other exploitations of his famous teleplay.

Oh, Harlan. I bet you wish you could use the Guardian of Forever and unwrite that episode. Or would your massive ego prevent you from doing so?

Paging Denny Crane, Denny Crane...

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Anonymous said...

Even madcow Denny Crane would have a better understanding of the legal merits of Ellison's case than you two knuckleheads. Get some fresh air and take your heads outta Shatner's butt once in awhile, okay?