Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, December 01, 2008

Show #100 - Dec 1

Episode 100 on MP3

The biggest, longest, not-safe-for-workiest LAHB EVER! Come celebrate with us for SHOW 100!

Wrath of Khan review - the RiffTrax version
TrekSpace thing
Horrifying sex toys (TOTALLY NSFW!!!) courtesy of Something Awful
Good hetfic with Kirk?
And a long discussion of everything


Anonymous said...

That last horrible sex toy reminds me of a fetish toy I saw online once: a dainty woman's foot and ankle with a vagina on the heel.

JK and LT said...
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JK and LT said...

Thanks, Mark. And ew.

I think it's worth pointing out that the ass fuck toys and doll disgusted Lene, who wrote a delightful fanfic based on the premise that a man (Kirk) will stick his dick into anything ("Rank Privilege").

Hee hee.


LT said...

Do I have to point out that Kirk was sticking his dick into THE ENTERPRISE, his WOMAN, his HEART AND SOUL??? And not some piece of smelly rubber that looks like a pencil sharpener hole?

It's not my fault he has a thing for sexy machines.