Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Rare Star Trek video - 1/5 (Con and movie coverage)

I was alerted to these vids recently - amazing stuff! There are 5 parts, so I'll post them consecutively with some notes.

This video contains:

Coverage of the NYC con in 1978 (by Barbara Feldon!) - check out Bill's shiny jacket - so hot!!
Annoucement of ST:TMP from a NYC TV station
Movie promo trailer, which seems to be narrated by the Exposition Police - I think this was not shown in theatres, but was sent to owners of movie theatres to get them to book the movie

1 comment:

Captain Toy said...

Wow, I've never thought I'd see something like that! I loved watching the Trekkies in their element long before the movies and before I became a fan (before I was born too).

Personally, I love that one dealer's shirt! MY GOD MAN PUT A SHIRT ON!!!! Y'know one with sleeves?

Of course watching Bill tell his stories that may/may not be true is always fun. :)

For some reason those the freakish nature of the fans got more of my attention . . . I wonder how that happened?