Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Incident on a Dark Street

The lovely and talented Jen sent us a present! It's a bad Bill movie, and it looks absolutely horrible. How can I tell? First, check out the DVD cover (click to embiggen):

Even though I haven't seen this movie, I'm 100% sure that this particular scene does not appear in it. We will not see a not-Willliam-Shatner body with a photoshopped Captain Kirk head, cut off at the knees, standing in the dark alley that was used for filming "My Name Is Prince" and various Pat Benatar music videos.

Then you turn it over to see how Bill really looks in the movie:

Ack! The mustache! It burns us!

That said, I'm sure Bill gives 100% to his really crappy role in a really crappy movie. Look for a review in an upcoming show.

Thanks, Jen!


Captain Toy said...

You are soo welcome. :) When I saw that horrible picture of Bill I just knew it had to be yours!

How they turn a sexy picture of Captain Kirk (As I can clearly see now) and turn it into THAT is beyond me. I believe it bodes poorly for the movie - despite their claim at it being good.

I am glad you enjoyed my gift and I can't wait until you guys give it a review! I just have to know how bad it is!

Cheryl said...

My husband walked by just as I embiggened the back cover photo. "Is that Walter Matthau?" he asked. And now that I think of it, the body double on the front cover actually could be Matthau.