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Captain Kirk

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Show #78 - Dec 1

Episode 78 on MP3

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AfterEllen - Casting an all-female Star Trek
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What would embarrass Kirk?

Jim, you are pwned.


Anonymous said...

On the subject of female actors playing male Trek characters... on the Garak/Bashir list, we once discussed gender and character dynamics. We figured that if Bashir were female and Garak male, the other characters would never have "allowed" them to become friends--Bashir would have been viewed not just as naive, but *too* naive and vulnerable to handle Garak.

We figured that a female Garak and a female Bashir would probably have about the same dynamic as the male Garak and male Bashir, if I recall the jist of the discussion correctly. That's certainly what I think, anyway.

On the other hand, if Bashir were male and *Garak* female... well, it wouldn't have happened on American TV, but I really would have liked to see it. A young man and a middle-aged woman becoming friends is so rare in TV/movies that I can only think of a couple of examples. It actually would probably have "read" as much more platonic than their canonical relationship did. :)

Jim Winter said...

Re: Gary Mitchell cast female. Katie Sackhoff on Battlestar Galactica. The only drawback would be that she'd be forever typecast as Starbuck with ovaries. But she's got that right mix of femininity, bravado, and genuine toughness.

To play either Kirk or Picard, you could hire another BG alum, Michelle Forbes. She has the sheer charisma of both and can either be as intense and sexy as Kirk or controlled and commanding as Picard. She did both playing Helena Caine in RAZOR.

Queen Latifah would be the perfect McCoy.

Later captains: You could just switch Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula as Janeway and Archer.

One of the great regrets I have about leaving fanfic is I never got to write a story with Mitchell declaring, "And I don't give a shit who knows about it."

But then I write profic now (allegedly. Would like to see money for it.) I can always slip it in there somewhere.

Yer pal, J...

Er, um, K. Yeah, that's it. (The anti-fanfic Nazis are watching. ;) )

Anonymous said...

I was watching a TV movie with Dixie Carter in it & think she would be the perfect female McCoy. Has the southern thing going on, funny, yet tough as nails.