Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, November 23, 2007

Menagerie Movie Show!

Menagerie Movie show on MP3

Our report on the Menagerie in the movies! Line geeking, St.Olaf, and post-movie breakdowns (including a rant on bad audience behavior)

Pike's lovable half-Vulcan sidekick


Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies! Loved the Menagerie Special.

I'm sure you have heard about/seen Bill's add for WoW by now - how cool is that? Even cooler however, is this post from one of my favorite bloggers: see November 26.

One more strong, savvy woman who loves Bill!

Sean Dicken said...

Waitaminute... what day did you gals go to the Menagerie show? I didn't see you there- I was there with Megomuseum's own Scott Adams too. I looked for you before and after the show (even in the post show darkness).