Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, December 17, 2007

From Our Bridge to Yours

Hopefully, this will inspire all of you with your Christmas Homework Essay Question: WHAT WOULD A CHRISTMAS EPISODE HAVE BEEN LIKE?

Photo by Dianne B.


Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer said...

Nuts. I've lost your email addresses! So I'm leaving this for you here. Check this out:

The Shatner is only in the first part, and it's brief, but there you go. Some small Shatner is better than no Shatner.

Deijae said...

I think they did one, sort of -- or as close as they could get without mentioning religion. Was it "Charlie X"? I can't remember for sure, but in one episode there was mention made that all the Christmas meatloaf in the galley ovens had turned into turkeys. Anyway, the concept begs the question of all kinds of images most folks would probably say they didn't need. Witness the "company Christmas party": McCoy wearing a Santa hat and a mint julep, sitting with his arm around the neck of a large stuffed reindeer and smiling at the world going by his corner. Jim wearing -- well, probably his yeoman, or maybe somebody else's ("Heh, heh, heh, come sit in my lap, little girl, and we'll talk about what comes up"). Spock, of course, would be cast as the elf. Wouldn't he make the most interesting toys?