Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Show #77 - Nov 3

Episode 77 on MP3

Star Trek movie news - here's the cast
Why not including Bill in the new movie is a bad business decision
MovieBlog article about ignoring Trekkies
"Shatner is Kirk" at YTMND
Boston Legal mini-marathon
Star Trek: The Tour
Steam Trek
Look at his butt in Swedish!
EW's male hotties of the 60s - NO BILL
Dave's Long Box Nostalgiametrics - Shatner points!
Bad Spock Drawings!

Thanks, Spompus!

Vulcan catcher. See it in action here!


Kelsey said...

Great show, ladies!

The YTMND bit is particularly entertaining.

Will you guys be doing another show overview soon? The Man Trap one from episode 76 was great.

Jarrak said...

Thank you so much for Steam Trek, the funniest fan film I have ever seen more so because I know Sooty (spelling might be for copyright reasons) from watching a kids puppet show as a young lad. Sooty was the star with Sue his girlfriend and the rascal Sweep (who was a dog).

I am 40 but still giggle when watching sweep and ya know the disturbing thing is I understand him most of the time.

Amanda said...

Hey girls,
Question for you guys...
I was just thinking it would be cool if you had a forum for us fans to interact more and then I heard an old podcast where you mentioned the forums. I tried going but it looks like your forum is gone. Do you have a different one?
Thanks and love the new show!

Aussie Di said...

I think I know why ShatnerVision disappeared for a few weeks - cos Bill was out filming HIS part in ST XI. I will continue to believe that he really is going to be in it, until I see otherwise. I think all the 'he's not in it' is just clever marketing from JJ et al