Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Show #49 - September 1

Episode 49 on MP3

News and emails galore!

Shatnerfest at the Parkway Theatre in Oakland, Nov 9 - Impulse!
No Emmys this year :-(
Bill conducted the Boston Pops!
Scott tells us about Mego!Kirk and the trading cards to come
Jennifer (of Spock's Hot Date) has her own podcast, Spock's Diner!
Echo's inspirational posters and LAHB icons!
We end up talking about the Comedy Central Roast (and here's the clip of "Keep It Gay")
And there be YogaFic!
We discuss some deep thoughts about fanfic and the goodness of Kirk

LOOK AT HIS BUTT!!! Thanks, Julia.


Julia said...

You're welcome :)
But unfortunately I can't see him running...I only can see the first picture :( Maybe because it's a .png and not a .gif? Don't know..

Chrispy said...

I can see him running. Nice butt!
I think there might be some problems with the XML feed though. iTunes says it's not a valid URL.
Or is it just me?

Chrispy said...

Oh yay, it's back!
Ignore me then.

Anonymous said...

Okay, cool, now it works! Perfect! And thank you for your nice words about the gif :)

Captain Toy said...

Thanks for playing my audio comment on air! Sadly, the link to the singing has been removed from utube. They are starting to truly ruin the joy of Utube with this copyright crap.