Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Show #48 - August 8

Episode 48 on MP3

We review "The People", a bad Shatner movie courtesy of SuperHappyFun!
Your homework: What would Bill's superpower be?
And more homework: How can we get Bill to say "Look at my butt"?
Tony reports on Wizard World in Chicago
Bill's roast on Comedy Central
Frosty SnowBro's site, Gateway 73, and a recent Shatner photo
Shillin' for Creation Con in September
JK reviews "Patterns of Force" in a homey way
And! An ending to Spock's Hot Date by Jennifer! (But you should all continue to write more.)

Aren't we cute? Thanks, Frosty!


Cheryl said...

Is this true - the roast is a spoof? Eh, it will still be interesting to see what Takei has to say.

JK and LT said...

Hi Cheryl -

Someone from the Shatner BBS is at the roast and it's true that Takei is there. Can't wait to see this - esp the uncensored version!


jhf said...

Concerning the Shatner photo : it's part of a series by Ian Miles that can be found on his website

And apparently, he is naked, so props to JK for figuring that out by merely looking at the picture !