Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Show #50C - September 10

Episode 50C on MP3

Creation Con Wrap-up!

The party in our room; meeting some old friends in the audience; Leonard, Bill, and Greg; and the long drive home.
Crowning achievement: Bill says "Look at his butt?"

Look at the cute little butts! Photo courtesy of Lyrastar, who got Bill and Leonard to sign these dolls


Anonymous said...

Wow! I can understand you had a great time! In Sweden where I live I had an own Star Trek Creation Con at my sisters place.. Well, a little small one. Haha, I was so sad I couldn't get to Chicago. So my friends and I watched Star trek episodes, had Star trek quizes among other things. I wish that all of you who where there had a great time. I hope I can come another time, and I hope my idols are still alive then. Nice to hear Bill says "Look at his butt" :D

// or

Melanie said...

The dolls feet look weird.

A Trekker,

Anonymous said...

Look at his [Cigar] Butt! Bill on the October cover of Cigar Aficionado,2510,,00.html

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you two at the con. Just finally had a chance to look you guys up. Great clip from the con and I can tell all the fans out there that it was for real!!!!! I was there in the audience when it occurred. It was awesome. We all had a great laugh. Hope to see you guys at another con. Look me up on myspace. See ya.