Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Show #47 - August 2

Episode 47 on MP3

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David Arroyo screencaps Shatner in the Twilight Zone
Lene gets gifts from JK! A shirt and a phaser and a magnet
Bill goes to Tuscany!
Now available at Toys in Babeland - a sex toy for your iPod!
We review Impulse - one more time!

Look at his ARM!


Trish said...

Hey Girls!

Be sure to check out - It's a bit rough, but still a hoot...

jhf said...

Doe the IBuzz work with video ipods ?

If it does, I'm pretty sure it's the ultimate sex toy... imagine, it vibrates in rhythm with all your Shatner vids !

Melanie said...

Shatner could manhandle me with those guns ANYTIME.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered both the Twilight Zone DVDs with Bill in them. I couldn't help myself after seeing those screencaps. Think there's anything of Bill out there with full frontal nudity? Look at his....... A girl can hope.

Dave said...

Yay! I caused someone to buy the Zone! Whoohoo! I have some screencaps of a young Robert Redford in his Twilight Zone episode, maybe i should post those.