Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Show #40 - May 21

Episode 40 on MP3

Stuff, Stuff, and Stuff!

James Spader in Crash (and here's a link to the thread at the James Spader Meeting Place with many many screencaps)
Wholly Love - Christian Sex Toys!
Esquire's What I've Learned with Bill - it's all about sex
Sex Toy orgasm ratings from Toys in Babeland (May is Masturbation Month!)
Some "Over the Hedge" stuff
Check out Star Trek "Cribs" on YouTube
Bill on the Dinah Shore show
A discussion about the rumors about the director/writer of the potential new Trek movie
A total geek session about Starfleet Academy attendance, casting, costumes, and everything!

Yo, there's lots of Shatner on YouTube, yo.

Spader gets it on in the Crash.


CP said...

"Smooth, confident, determined and a panty-dropping charmer."

JK and LT said...

Oh yeah! Thanks so much for the link!!


jhf said...

Hm... the guy James Spader sleeps with in Crash is Elias Koteas.

Also known as "that guy everybody always confuses with Chris Meloni" (no, really).

gregorygray said...

“It sometimes happens that a great poet creates a character in whom the essence of an age is distilled, a representative figure who in his action and suffering presents to his own time the image of its victory and defeat.

For later centuries this character becomes the central reference point for an understanding of his creator’s time; but he is a figure of such symbolic potency that he appears to them not only as a historical but also as a contemporary phenomenon.

The poet who created him has penetrated so deeply into the permanent elements of the human situation that his creation transcends time.

One such figure is Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, and such another is Kirk, Captain of the Starship Enterprise.”

Well OK the last line should read ".. and such another is Oedipus, King of Thebes" but it works just as well with Kirk don't you think?

- Knox, B. 1998: Oedipus at Thebes; Yale (Introduction)

JK and LT said...

Sweet dreams, Greg. ;-D

And thanks.


Anonymous said...

I was looking at a slideshow on Flickr about funny signs and came across one about....cooters! So of course I thought of you: Cooter sign for your perusal

I think she is in Oklahoma, so that breaks the Florida-only theory...

(Oooh, I can see the dcumentary forming now: "On the Trail of Cooters"...)

JK and LT said...

Hi Katie -

Now I'm thinking of all the great cooter signs there could be. "Caution - Cooters Crossing!" "I Brake For Cooters!" "Lost Cooter. Answers to Beverly."



Anonymous said...

Star Trek cribs cracks me up... this page has a bunch of other Star Trek puppet vids... by far the Coffee Shop one is the best :)

Star Trek Videos